Is there a Best Digital or Freeview Aerial?

In short no. There is no such thing as one best Freeview TV Aerial, simply because different situations requires different TV Aerials. There is no one size fits all in the world of TV aerials, however there are a few aerials that stand out as often being my choice when it comes to selecting a TV Aerial for one of our customers. Some things that can help us determine the right TV Aerial for the job are;

  1. Location, is the customer living in a strong or poor signal zone?
  2. Is the customer’s property situated in an area where there is a lot of interference?
  3. How many TV points does the customer require, one or multiple points?
  4. Is the TV Aerial being roof mounted or in a loft? 

Ascertaining the answers to these questions will help in determining which TV Aerial is best for the specific job in hand.

Is there a good all round general Freeview Aerial? 

Yes. Seven times out of ten I would select a 42 Element Log Period for most jobs as these type of Freeview Aerials tick most boxes for the TV Aerial engineer and suit most customer’s needs. Why do I say that? Well, the Log periodic TV Aerial is great for reception if in relatively low reception areas, they are also great in rejecting impulse noise from nearby mobile phone transmitters and they also work great in lofts, hence we often will choose a log periodic for loft Aerial installation nine times out of ten. Another benefit of the Log periodic TV Aerial design is its lack of a reflector. This means they take up less space in a cramp loft area and when installed outside on the roof are less resistant to wind.

What about High Gain TV Aerials?

I get asked quite often if I recommend High Gain Digital TV Aerials? In most cases the answer is no. This is not a case of bigger is better. While a High Gain TV Aerial is great for jobs where the signal is low, they are the obvious choice but say in an area where there are interference issues from nearby transmitters, in that case a High Gain TV Aerial is the wrong choice as not only will it squeeze out every ounce of available TV signal it will also squeeze out every last drop of interreference too.  Also, there is the consideration of too much signal being just as bad as not enough signal hence over modulation of a Digital TV signal is something to avoid hence a High Gain Digital TV Aerial is not always the best choice.

Final thoughts…

The best TV Aerial is the one that is best for you. We offer all our potential clients a FREE on site survey whereby we will come out to your property and run some tests with our spectrum analyser and determine for you which Digital TV Aerial is the best one for you.

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