The best location for you!

The best place to put a TV Aerial can vary depending on a number of factors; let consider three in order of importance.

  1. Where is the best place for optimal reception?
  2. Where is it best to mount the TV Aerial so as to avoid interference?
  3. Where is the best place to mount the TV Aerial, so as to have minimal visual impact on the property?

Where is the best place for optimal reception?

Everyone wants a fantastic uninterrupted viewing experience. Everyone wants crystal clear High-definition images, but not everyone wants a TV Aerial prominent and visible on their property. Unfortunately, the former sometimes- not always– has to come at the expense of the latter. In other words, sometimes you cannot avoid seeing a TV Aerial on your property. As a Digital TV Aerial installation company in Preston, as a rule, do our very best to try, where possible, to install a TV Aerial in a place where the impact of that TV Aerial will be less noticeable. However, this isn’t always possible.

There are solutions that can mitigate the impact other than siting the TV Aerial in a place that will reduce optimal reception. For example we can supply small yet powerful TV Aerials that are less visible than a larger type TV Aerial. We have employed this strategy on some listed buildings where local planning laws restrict the owner from mounting any visible TV Aerial/Antenna or satellite dish. We have been able to install very small yet powerful TV Aerials behind for example a chimney stack thus hiding the TV Aerial from view from ground level. Plus, at the same maintaining the optimal location for the very best signal pathway.

Where are the cables?   

If your property is less than 10 years old chances are your property benefits from embedded coaxial cables in the walls fed down from the loft space in the wall cavities to wall mounted sockets. These types of set ups are great for both the homeowner or occupant and for the TV Aerial engineer also. TV coaxial embedded in the wall removes the need for surface mounted cables installed which are not only ugly to look at, even when installed neatly but also tricky in some cases to install discreetly due to where people may choose to have their TV.

Final thoughts…

The best place to mount your TV Aerial is first and foremost the best place for optimal uninterrupted TV reception. After that, consideration ought to be made as to where will have the least visible impact on the property not just for the benefit of the homeowner who does not want his property looking like Jodrell bank but also for the impact on the neighbourhood in general. In the cases where an installation is carried out on a new type property and the coaxial cables are embedded,  in that case loft Aerial installation is certainly the obvious choice if the TV Aerial is able to gain enough signal in a loft. If an aerial can be installed within a loft and get a good signal, then that is preferable. Since, the loft aerial will never get weathered or be effected by water ingress, unlike exterior mounted aerials, and will last a lot longer.


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