What is a ‘indoor tv aerial’?

I get asked quite often whether ‘indoor tv aerials’ work well with Digital TV? When asked this question often people can have different things in mind, hence the question. For example, if you are asking about a set top style of indoor TV Aerial (do they still sell those?) then the simple answer in that case is no!

In the good old days of Analogue TV how many in those days used to use a set top indoor portable TV Aerial and put up with a snowy picture haha. Heck I remember (showing my age now) a coat hanger stuck in the TV Aerial input as a make shift TV aerial. Since the advent of Digital in the UK back in 2007 those types of Aerials became obsolete. Now if you are talking about a proper TV Aerial, the sort you would install on the roof but instead installed in the loft, well that’s a different story, let’s discuss that.

Will the TV Aerial work in the loft as well as on the roof?

It can, but then again it might not? Ok, in most cases a good quality Digital TV Aerial will work fine in the loft space, in fact often if the correct TV Aerial is used it can work just as efficiently as if it was installed on the roof. I will talk about what TV Aerial we recommend for loft installation in a moment. Firstly, in most cases a TV Aerial installed in the loft will work fine. However, there are a few things a engineer will consider. So, before deciding if a loft installation is best, we consider the following;

  • Are you in what we call a ‘black spot’ or poor signal area? If that is the case, then the engineer will seek to optimise every available part of that signal by opting for an outdoor roof installation. The simple fact is, that outdoor mounted TV Aerial do have better line of site to the transmitter than an indoor TV Aerial would.
  • Is there any possible interference in the loft space, for example coming from a thermostat?
  • Is the TV Aerial installed in the loft space convenient for the client? For example, will the client require regular access to the loft area and hence will the TV Aerial installed in there be in the way? Or perhaps the client is planning on a loft conversion in the near future? All of these are considerations before installing a TV Aerial in the loft.

What is the Best TV Aerial for a loft installation?

I touched on this earlier. Yes, we have found from our many years of experience that a particular design of aerial. The TV Aerial called a Log Period. It is often the best choice for loft installation, and here are three reasons why:

  1. Log periodic TV Aerials do not have a rear reflector unlike the tradition style TV Aerial; the elements on a Log period run parallel horizontally not vertically, this has some distinct advantages for loft installation. Firstly, they require less space and are great for fitting under beams and in cramped spaces.
  2. Because the Log periodic does not have a rear reflector they are very efficient in maintaining a steady signal.
  3. The Log Periodic TV Aerial is good a rejecting impulse noise from sources of interference. They also provide a clean steady signal ideal for loft installation.

In conclusion…

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