The answer might surprise you!

The short and to the point answer to the above question is no! People are still surprised to learn that they can go out and buy a brand-new TV Aerial and it’s not a Digital Aerial. They are even more surprised that they can hire a so called ‘professional’ TV Aerial installation company and pay them for an Aerial installation and still, not end up with a Digital TV Aerial!  How could that be?

TV Aerials are not created equal…

Before we get into this discussion it would no doubt be helpful to explain what we mean when we use the term a ‘Digital Aerial.’ A Digital Aerial can be defined by the following:

  1. A TV Aerial specifically designed for Digital TV reception, hence this type of an Aerial will usually have the Digital tick (approved product) identification on the manufacturers packaging.
  2. The other important consideration is, has the TV Aerial been CAI approved as a Digital compatible product?  The CAI – confederation of Aerial Industries, are an organisation that set benchmarks for TV Aerials and Digital TV products so as to keep the Industry accountable and at the same time provide the consumer with protection and an industry standard or code of practice, a bit like what CORGI is to gas.

Customers will be surprised by how many TV Aerials being sold as ‘Digital TV Aerials’ are rejected and hence non CAI approved. These TV Aerials are usually poorly constructed with cheap materials and when measured do not attain to correct levels to pass as a certified digital product. Hence, for peace of mind it is always worth asking the Engineer, before starting work on the property, ‘are the products being used CAI approved?


Will a non-digital TV Aerial work?

Yes and no. Firstly let’s dispel a myth and the myth is, that a non-digital tv aerial will not work. That is simply not true.  I have turned up to properties to carry out work for a client, say installation of an extra tv point. Upon inspection that actually the customer is rocking a 10-year-old analogue tv aerial and it works fine. This customer lives in a really strong signal area and hence the old analogue tv aerial works ok.

These situations are rare, but I do come across them. Yes, an analogue tv aerial is not designed to work efficiently with Digital tv signals. This is because they are tuned differently. They can work if the aerial has good line of site to the tv transmitter and is close by. The problem arises when the client wishes to add an extra tv point. This is where the customer is told that the old analogue tv aerial that they have just won’t cut it!


Final thoughts…

If you are in the market for a new TV Aerial it makes sense to make sure that the TV Aerial being installed is in fact a proper Digital TV Aerial. You not only in ensuring a reliable TV reception but also to some degree future proofing the aerial. As we get more TV channels added to the terrestrial bandwidth and more HD channels added. There will be an even greater need for TV Aerials that are designed to do the job right!  

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